Fonti Prealpi bottling plant was built in 1966, when the Prealpi water bottling line was installed. In the beginning there was just a glass bottling line, then a PVC line and a PET line were added. Thanks to Prealpi mineral properties and the positive result of scientific researches, the Italian Department of Health had certified that Prealpi low mineral content water is “suitable for newborn babies and for the preparation of baby food” (dL 3518 / 2003). Later the firm launched a range of sugary and low-calorie drinks, to attract the consumer’s attention.

With increasing level of demand for mineral water, the Company had decided to invest in updated hydro-geological technology to dig for a new mineral spring. So Orobica mineral water was discovered. This mineral water, microbiologically pure and light, stimulates digestive process, it is diuretic and recommended for low salt diet.

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Bocca della verità (Roma) - Fonte di ispirazione per la creazione del marchio Prealpi
Scultura del I secolo, probabilmente una fontana, dalla fama antica e leggendaria, alla quale si attribuì il potere di pronunciare oracoli.
In 1996, the 30th of foundation of the Company, Fonti Prealpi received the “Packaging Oscar” from the Italian Institute of Packaging for its environmental consciousness, because of its PET bottle that can easily be compressed and recycled. An extensive research and heavy investment allowed to create a lighter capsule, mounted on the cover of PET bottles.

Recently the Company mostly produces PET for 0.5, 1.5 and 2 lt bottles. Although Fonti Prealpi can boast as one of the most advanced and efficient plants, fully automated, the company still aims to improve its scientific and technological knowledge and to expand its business.