Fonti Prealpi has been on the national and international market since 1966 with a large production in glass and plastic containers to respond to consumer’s demand. Because of one of the most advanced and efficient plants, fully automated, the Company can guarantee good quality and high hygiene standards as the products are bottled on an entirely aseptic production line.

The brands Prealpi and Orobica are low mineral content waters which flow in the Italian Bergamo mountains called “Prealpi Orobiche”. Because of their mineral properties, these waters are healthful and well-being.

The Company started bottling Prealpi mineral water. In the beginning there was just a glass bottling line, then a PVC line and a PET line were added. Because of its lack of nitrates (soil pollution rate) Prealpi mineral water is “suitable for newborn babies and for the preparation of baby food” (Italian Department of Health, d.L. 3518 / 2003). Later the firm launched a range of sugary and low-calorie drinks, to attract the consumer’s attention.

With increasing level of demand for mineral water, the Company had decided to invest in updated hydro-geological technology to dig for a new mineral spring. So Orobica mineral water was discovered. This mineral water, microbiologically pure and light, stimulates digestive process and diuresis and it is recommended for low salt diet.